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A schizophrenic man has a brief moment of clarity, and finds his way back home.

LUCID shines a light on the humanity inside of the mental health and homelessness crisis. Forcing us to deal with the realization that the humans we pass everyday on our streets are someone's; father, mother, sister, and brother. Each with close family members who are directly affected by their loved ones struggles, and must grapple to find their own peace within this turmoil each and everyday.

LAURENCE LEBOEUF; is one of Canada's most celebrated actresses. A highly recognizable talent in French Canadian Cinema, she has been starring in films and television shows for the past two decades, garnering major awards and accolades all along the way. She has been nominated for (3) Canadian Screen Awards and most recently in (2022) won BEST ACTRESS in a Drama Series; Transplant (NBC). 

JOHN HANNAH; is a celebrated Scottish actor with an illustrious careering spanning over 4 decades. Rising to fame with his BAFTA nominated performance in Four Weddings & A Funeral, The Mummy Franchise and his beloved television series' regular work on Spartacus (Starz) & Transplant (NBC).





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